Sabian HH 22” Power Bell Ride Cymbal

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This listing is for a Sabian HH 22” Power Bell Ride Cymbal that’s in pristine, mint condition without the slightest flaw to be found anywhere. 

The Sabian HH 22” Power Bell Ride Cymbal has an Enormous 8.5” unlathed bell and is a very responsive ride. A powerful and highly musical cymbal.

Brand new in stores this cymbal will put you back $635 BEFORE TAX. So grab this now while it’s in stock at DrumPickers! 

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By Pewritled

From Windsor, VA

This cymbal is THE most beautiful thing i have ever heard!!! 22" is the ideal Size for a cymbal like this. The bell is HUGE!!! I'm talking about 8.5" huge. Vinnie Paul from Pantera/Damageplan Uses this same ride. It is great for slammin' those great big rock grooves out with. I LOVE IT!!! It's also great to use with jazz to. The body of the cymbal has that nice dry touch to it. The bell is suprizinly not the ONLY part of the cymbal that sounds good. Unlike Zildjians 21" Mega Bell Ride. This is a much better buy. I Higly Reccomend this ride for ANY type of music. BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!