Samsun 13” XPlore Hi Hat Cymbals (Pair)

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This listing is for a pair of Samsun 13” XPlore Hi Hat Cymbals that are brand new and without any flaw.  

These hi hats are warm, full-bodied with responses that are clean and musical with solid stick and foot definition. Although modestly priced, these hats are created with high end attention by some of the finest craftsmen, and provide musical tonality that are full, yet precise.  They offer a precision “chick” sound on the back beat, and deliver in loud and soft mixes.  Perfect for stage and studio, and perfect for all musical genres including rock, funk, gospel, jazz, country, Dixieland jazz, and new age elements…

Explore the XPlore Series of Samsun cymbals at, and listen to the future of cymbals!