Samsun XPlore Hand Hammered 17” FX Crash Cymbal

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This listing is for a Samsun XPlore 17” FX Crash Cymbal that’s brand new, and without the slightest flaw.  

If you’re searching for a trashy crash with quick decay, and a robust, full presence, then despite the words of Bono, you’ve found what you’re looking for. 

This cymbal brings with it a moody, and somewhat ominous tone. Perfect for Rock, metal, and pop, this cymbal goes beyond the Sabian O-Zone series by helping to define the tune you’re playing.  So go ahead and create an impression, and play the Samsun XPlore 17” FX Crash now! 

Explore the XPlore Series of Samsun cymbals at, and listen to the future of cymbals!