Slingerland-Vintage 1972 DrumPickers Restore/Remodel 3-Pc Drum Kit in Gator-Back Red

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This listing is for a 1972 Slingerland Classic DrumPickers Restore/Remodel project that was rewrapped in Gator-Back Red.  

The superior drum sound is that classic Slingerland sound.  The edges are all in great shape, and the toms (originally single sided), were drilled to be double-sided.  

Sizes include a 12x8” rack tom, a 16x14” floor tom, and a 20x16” bass drum.  These eye-catching drums will impress with their looks, and more importantly, with their sound! Grab a piece of history, and make these vintage drums your own!  Put these in front of you on stage or in the studio, today!