TAMA 4 Pc Starclassic Drum Kit 100% Birch from 2007

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This listing is for a Piano Black Lacquer TAMA 4 Pc Starclassic Drum Kit 100% Birch from 2007 that’s been preserved with the utmost care.  

This kit has only a few small bumps that have occurred over the past 16+ years, and they’re barely visible to most.  We believe the toms are 5mm, while the bass drum is at 7mm.  The drums include the standard Starclassic die cast hoops with the “Starcast” mounting system.  The Remo batter side pinstripe heads are just getting broken in, so there’s A LOT of life left in them, while the resonant side Evans G1 heads are essentially new. 

Drum sizes are:

10x8” rack tom

12x9” rack tom 

14x12” hanging floor tom

22x18” bass drum

Kit includes bass drum tom mounting system, and Starcast mounts.  No other hardware or cymbals are included.  

These kits are increasingly more and more difficult to find, so grab this one NOW, and if you’re after a 16” floor tom, then at least piano black is an easier finish to find.