Tama HS80W Roadpro Snare Stand - Accommodates 12 to 15 inch Drums

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When you need a flexible snare stand you can rely on, Tama's Roadpro series delivers. With its metal-to-metal contact point, the HS80W's Glide-Tite Grip Joint provides an extremely secure attachment and superior isolation for your drum, bringing out its natural resonance. Plus, Tama's patented Quick-Set Tilter offers infinite positioning angles, without sacrificing the slightest bit of stability. The snare basket itself allows the HS80W to accommodate a wide range of 12" to 15" snare drums, as its unequally spaced, asymmetrical basket arms and independently rotating basket won't interfere with your drum's strainer and snares, a still lets you position the drum where you like.

The Escape Claws also bring out the most in your drum, allowing it to float instead of clamping it down tight and killing the resonance.

This stand is brand new, although packaging is generic and not a Tama box, so you save over $10!

 Tama HS80W Roadpro Series Snare Drum Stand Features:

  • A roadworthy stand for your favorite 12" to 15" snare drum
  • Glide-Tite Grip Joint offers secure attachment and exceptional drum isolation
  • Patented Quick-Set Tilter provides total reliability and infinite angle adjustability
  • Asymmetrical basket arms keep strainer and snare wires free from interference
  • Escape Claws let your drum float naturally, ensuring maximum resonance