TAMA Iron Cobra HH205 Hi Hat Stand

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This listing is for a TAMA Iron Cobra HH205 Hi Hat Stand that’s brand new and in the box.  

 TAMA's HH205 Iron Cobra 200 hi-hat stand gives you traditional pull action feel, snappy response, and performance-ready stability, all at a price that's too good to pass up. Double-braced legs provide heroic stability, even when you start wailing on your hats, but they keep the HH205 nice and light, and they fold up neatly for easy transportation. A 5-way tension adjustment is also mighty handy, allowing you to get the precise feel and response you demand. And with its swivel foot, you can easily setup the TAMA HH205 Iron Cobra 200 hi-hat stand anywhere you need it.

TAMA HH205 Iron Cobra 200 Hi-hat Stand Features:

  • An affordable hi-hat stand with Iron Cobra performance
  • 5-way tension adjustment lets you dial in the pull action you like
  • Double-braced legs provide superior stability and portability
  • Swivel-foot design lets you position your hats where you need them