TAMA LGB146NQB 14x6” S.L.P. G-Bubinga Snare Drum

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This listing is for a TAMA LGB146NQB Sound Lab Project 14x6” G-Bubinga Snare Drum that’s in excellent condition with just a few minor discolored areas on several of the lugs as highlighted in the picture, but works flawlessly..

TAMA is known for its mastery of Bubinga, and this 12-ply 10mm Bubinga drum is a stunning example of that expertise. G-Bubinga Snare Drum 14 x 6 in. This 12-ply, 10mm Bubinga shell provides an extraordinarily punchy sound with a large helping of low-end. The combination of 2.3mm flanged hoops and low-mass separate lugs allow the Bubinga shell to resonate more naturally.
These are considered an endangered species of wood, so they’re no longer in production by Tama. Grab this while it’s still available!