TAMA Starclassic 3pc Birch/Bubinga Performer Drum Kit in Blue Nebula Blaze

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This listing is for a TAMA Starclassic Birch/Bubinga Performer Series 3pc Shell Pack that’s in excellent condition.  The finish is challenging to find, but (from our understanding) is called Blue Nebula Blaze. 

The toms are 4 plies of birch, with 3 inner plies of Bubinga (6mm), while the bass drum is 5 plies of birch with 3 inner plies of Bubinga (8mm). 

The shells are in great shape with just the tiniest scratch here or there.  Comes equipped with Evan’s Emad on the bass drum, and Evan’s EC2’s on the toms.  

TAMA spared no expense on their research and development with innovations like their floor tom memory lock brackets (seen in the pictures).  Features like this, along with rubber lined bass drum claws, TAMA’s Starcast mounting system for the tom, and this remarkable finish certainly set this kit apart from the rest. 

Sizes Include:

10x8” Rack Tom

14x12” Floor Tom

20x16” Bass Drum

Aside from the Starcast mounting system, no other drums or hardware is included.