Tama Superstar 5 Pc Drum Kit in Dark Cherry Fade Lacquer

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This listing is for a 5 piece Tama Superstar Birch DrumKit in Dark Cherry Fade.  This kit is in exceptional condition (especially for its age of roughly 12 years).  

Tama Superstar Birch Drum Set (2010-era) - This is the older version with the Birch shells and the Diecast hoops - similar to a Starclassic without the higher price. Birch shells are in excellent condition and the Dark Cherry Fade lacquer finish only shows a few scuffs (pictured).  The tom heads are all Tama logo heads, and the bottom heads are Remo clear Ambassadors.  The kit shows some wear on the chrome hardware and some on the shells, but again, everything is solid and works perfectly.  In order to see any blemishes, you need to look closely (one picture shows the worst of it). 

The set shows very well as demonstrated by the photos. Shells are perfectly in round and the bearing edges-excellent.  This is an amazing value for a set that is harder and harder to find.  Just check out the high-def photos - no surprises. 

Sizes are:

14 x 5.5” Snare Drum
22" x 18" Bass Drum
14" x 12" Floor Tom
12" x 10" Rack Tom
10" x 9" Rack Tom

Kit features: Die cast hoops, brand new North American maple bass drum hoops, Starcast mounting system, all birch lacquered shells, and black chrome snare drum lugs & black steel tension rods. 

Purchase this kit on our website, and receive two straight cymbal stands at no extra charge.