UFIP 22” Bravo Medium Heavy Ping Ride Cymbal

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This listing is for a 1970’s 22” UFIP Bravo Medium Heavy Ping Ride Cymbal that’s in stellar shape and condition.  It has a very slight keyhole (as seen in the pictures), but we’ve applied a grombol to the bell hole, and it plays perfectly and without leaning to any side.  There’s also a slight rough area about .75” along the edge (as seen in the pictures), but even when running your fingers across it, it feels smooth.  It would appear to be of no consequence. 

UFIP is revolutionary in their cymbal production as they use an exclusive process in the creation of their cymbals called “rotocasting”.  With the Rotocasting process, a UFiP artisan pours liquid bronze into a spinning mold shaped like a cymbal so that the bell is part of the originally cast shape. The mold spins at approximately 1,000 revolutions per minute, all the while pushing impurities in the bronze to the cymbal’s edge and surface areas (much of which is then lathed off). The high-speed spinning process also reduces air pockets in the alloy which can weaken a cymbal over time. Consequently, the cymbal, when lathed and finished, has what UFiP claims is the purest B20 bronze on the market — with a thicker bell-to-bow ratio than any other cymbal. UFiP claims this makes for a more durable and pure-sounding cymbal. As to these statements, UFiP seems to be onto something.

The Bravo 22” ride, has less (high) pitch than most intermediate cymbals, and just enough woody stick definition to give it absolutely gorgeous tone for a heavier leaning ride. We’d classify this cymbals as a rock, or ping  ride although it would also work well for modern jazz, country, Latin, and big band applications.

This 22” UFIP Bravo Ride Cymbal provides clarity and purity in its tone that’s unique and refreshing. The bell sound is beyond impressive, and the bow works beautifully while bringing about a distinct character in sticking without getting lost in a wash.