Mapex Pro M Series (2007 era) 4 Pc Drum Kit in Tobacco Fade

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This listing is for a Mapex Pro M Series (2007 era) 4 Pc Drum Kit in Tobacco Fade that’s had numerous alterations made by its previous owner. One is that the kit displays the Saturn series badges. Bearing that in mind, the kit is in very good condition and plays extremely well without any issues. This kit is extraordinarily easy to tune, although it has the occasional blemish as highlighted in a couple pics (primarily on the resonant side bass drum hoop).

As for alterations and/or modification…It’s 14” floor tom was originally a hanging tom, and legs brackets were installed making it a floor tom. In addition, the previous owner installed BT3 tom brackets on both the 10”, and 12” toms as well as a rack tom mounting bracket on the bass drum. As we’re unsure of the bass drum spurs, those could have been changed out as well, however we don’t find any additional modifications that confirm this. This is how these drums arrived to us.

The kit features new, or like-new Remo clear Emperor heads on the batter side, and Remo/DW Resonant heads on that respective side. 

It also features 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops all around. The drum sizes are 10”, 12” rack tom’s, 14” floor tom, and a 22x18” bass drum.

The drums are for the 4pc shell pack only.  What you see in these drums is what you get. However no standing hardware, snare drum, or cymbals come with this kit, although the floor tom legs, and rack tom arms do.  If you have any questions, please ask.  Thanks for looking.