Pearl ISS1216 Rack Tom Holder - Used in Very Good Condition

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Do your toms have metal tubes running into them? This can dramatically reduce their resonant potential.  

Pearl's I.S.S. tom mounts attach to the hoop of your drum, keeping all mounting hardware off the shell, to showcase your drum's true colors. The Pearl ISS1216 fits Pearl high toms and floor toms 12" to 16" in diameter, with standard triple-flanged hoops.  This ISS1216 mount is used, but works perfectly in every way…

Installation is fast, easy, and effortless.  The ISS1216 mounts to your tom hoop by way of two simple drum key screws.

Essential for floor tom conversions

The Pearl ISS1216 is an essential part of the Pearl JG-16 floor tom conversion kit (sold separately).  Simply install the ISS1216 to your rim and attach the L-bracket to use any standard bass pedal with your new 16" kick drum. Drummers love these converted kick drums for a lighter, quicker, punchier bass tone — great for jazz, hip-hop, and experimental music.

Pearl ISS1216 I.S.S. Tom Mount Features:

  • Unlocks the pro potential of your high toms and floor toms
  • Keeps all mounting hardware off the shell
  • Increases resonance and sustain
  • Installs onto hoops fast and easy
  • Fits 12"-16" Pearl and other brand comparable toms with standard triple-flanged hoops
  • Integrated BT300 tube mount accepts 7/8" hardware
  • An essential part of the JG-16 conversion kit (not included; sold separately)
  • Note: die-cast hoops are not compatible with the Pearl ISS1216