DrumPickers 13x6.5” “Green Machine” Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers 13x6.5” “Green Machine” Custom Snare Drum that’s brand new in the box.

The qualities and characteristics seem to be too many to cover in one listing, so suffice it to say, this drum is an excellent choice as a go-to recording snare.  It’s 42-Strand snare wire set, 2.3mm power hoops, and die-cast Slingerland style “bread-n-butter” lugs, all bring out the full sound of this drum, while the Brazilian Tulipwood shell with 5-ply reinforcement rings resonates with power and distinction.  It’s also extremely easy to tune, making it a perfect snare drum in the clutch. 

If beauty, functionality, flexibility, sound, and price are important in selecting your next snare drum, then we have your next snare drum.  The Green Machine!