Pearl M80 10x4” Auxiliary Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Pearl M80 10x4” Auxiliary Snare Drum that’s in essentially brand new condition.  

The Pearl M80 snare drum is ideal for drummers seeking a versatile, professional-level snare drum. The M80 features an 10" x 4" size, ideal for most musical styles, and is crafted from select maple shells with precision 45-degree bearing edges for articulate attack and projection. It also Pearl's 2.3mm hoops for optimal rim-shots and cross-sticking. With its blend of tonewoods and sizes, the M80 snare drum provides a balanced sound for recording or live playing.

Select Maple Shells Offer Warm, Balanced Tone

The M80 snare drum features 6-ply maple shells that provide a warm yet focused tone. Maple is a dense, hardwood that helps produce a wide dynamic range. The maple shells, combined with precision 45-degree bearing edges, allow the M80 snare drum to deliver articulate attack, full-bodied tone and impressive projection.