Vintage Gretsch 4 Pc Blackhawk Kit in Green Sparkle - 1979

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This listing is for a Vintage Gretsch 4 Pc Blackhawk Kit from 1979 that’s been rewrapped from a standard Grey shell, to this eye-catching green sparkle.  There are a few very slight flaws in the wrap, but that’s because the shells all have slightly uneven surfaces, however this is not easily seen on stage.  

The shells are however, all in-round and have a perfectly circular shape, consisting of 5-ply mahogany toms, and a 7-ply mahogany bass drum. The drum hardware has all been removed and cleaned as well as upgrades made to the spurs, and 2.3mm hoops, as well as all maple hoops applied to the kick.  Four lugs on the underside of the kick drum were replaced with Slingerland bass drum lugs.  

The kit features:

*Silver sealer interiors to the 12”, 16”, and 22” bass drums. 
*Brand new Retro Gretsch Broadkaster front resonant head
*Evans G2 batter, G1 resonant side, and Emad bass heads.                          
*T-Handle tension rods on the bass drum. Nylon washers are also included and applied to all tension rods.                          
*Drum mufflers on all toms.
*2.3mm hoops on the toms.                                                            *10-lug 22” bass drum

Drum sizes include: 

*10x8” tom, 12x10” tom, 16x15” floor tom, and 22x15” bass drum… Also includes floor tom legs and rack tom arms. DOES NOT include any standing hardware, pedals, or snare drum.