Ludwig LAS26CS Atlas Standard Straight Cymbal Stand

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This listing is for a Ludwig LAS26CS Atlas Standard Straight Cymbal Stand that’s new. 

This stand is a rock-steady and economical cymbal stand from Ludwig.

Emerging from the masses of drum hardware and cymbal stands, the Ludwig Atlas Classic Cymbal Stand Pro is a highly durable and affordable solution to cymbal mounting with a distinctly "Modern-Classic" twist. With an Aero gearless tilter, new Keystone wing nuts and robust double-braced legs, this stand is the support act your cymbal setup is waiting for.


  • Aero gearless tilter
  • Sturdy double-braced legs
  • New Keystone wing nuts and base feet
  • Insulated tube joint clamps
  • Threaded cymbal sleeve locks in place, yet easily replaceable

A cymbal stand that supports the weight of its namesake.