Pearl BC150S 150 Series Convertible Flat Based Boom Cymbal Stand

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This listing is for a Pearl BC150S 150 Series Convertible Flat Based Boom Cymbal Stand that’s new.  

Pearl has done something special with its 150 Series of flat-based drum stands. In flat orientation, the bases swivel around to accommodate the rest of your drums and hardware. But you can easily convert any flat stand to a traditional fixed tripod stand by removing the base, flipping it over, and replacing it. This makes owning a Pearl 150 Series stand like having two stands in one. DrumPickers drummers understand the struggle of hauling heavy hardware and trying to make it all work together on a tight stage. So we're glad to see companies like Pearl continue to push beyond the status quo with their innovative stand options.

Pearl BC150S Convertible Flat-base Boom Cymbal Stand Features:

  • Lightweight boom stand - just 5.4 lbs.
  • Supports most crashes and rides with great ease
  • Convertible flat or traditional base
  • Flat base swivels around other hardware and stage obstacles
  • Fixed base behaves like a traditional cymbal stand
  • Uni-Lock gearless tilter arm permits minute angle adjustments
  • Reversible cymbal felt with foam underside changes cymbal response
  • Breaks down neatly

Haul in and set up easier with the Pearl BC150S flat-base boom cymbal stand!