Vintage 1974 Slingerland 3Pc Drumkit in Gun Metal Sparkle (rewrap) Includes Gene Krupa Signature Snare Drum

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This listing is for a gorgeous rewrapped 1974 Slingerland 3-Ply Maple/Mahogany/Maple 3 Pc drum kit with Gene Krupa Signature Snare Drum.  This kit includes reinforcement rings, as well as updated classic Slingerland beaver tail lugs, and black steel tension rods.  The tone is that classic, unforgettable Slingerland sound, and so so easy to tune.  

Updates have been made throughout the kit to bring about the best functioning, most classy look you’ll find in one of these prized kits.  Edges are all clean on the toms, while the bass drum hoops have been repainted and rust removed from the original chrome strip inlays.  Updated spurs have also been added with only two holes that were added to accommodate the entire kit.  In addition, like-new Remo Ebony pinstripe heads adorn the toms.  

Destined for many many years ahead of it, this is the “James Bond 007” of drum kits, as it’s sleek and stylish appearance commands respect of the viewer, while the drummer will maintain that respect once he/she sits down to play it.  (Does not include the “swivamatic” tom arm from bass drum to rack tom, or any standing hardware. Includes Shell pack only, and that does include floor tom legs.)

Kit includes 12” Rack Tom, 16” Floor Tom, 14x6.5” Gene Krupa Signature Snare, and 22x14” Bass Drum.