VINTAGE Pearl circa. 1985 GLX Series Super-Gripper 14x6.5” Brass Snare Drum

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This listing is for a vintage Pearl (1985) GLX Series (exceptionally rare) 14x6.5” Brass Snare Drum.  This drum is in outstanding condition and works flawlessly.  The dual tension system allows the player to fine tune the 10-lugs on this drum for hi-pitched requirements, to the low-end tone of an even deeper drum.  

The brass patina on this drum is nearly flawless as well, while the chrome drum hardware really contributes to the overall eye-catching beauty of this drum.  However the best thing about this drum was the ingenious engineers at Pearl that saw the need to quickly tune a drum without all the tension rods scattering.  Once loosened, the lugs simply hinge backward, while the tension rod, AND the attached “gripper” (to each of those tension rods) is released, thereby controlling the associated tension rod to the hoop without it slipping away.  

Pearl didn’t make many of these because they were priced out of the market, and not very affordable.  This is extremely rare, and is just waiting for its owner to play it.  The 3mm shell weighs in with drum hardware at 16 lbs.  it’s a BEAST!

This drum was made in Japan while Pearl still made drums in their Chiba factory.