Wuhan 14-inch Western Crash Cymbal

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The Wuhan Western series delivers the classic sonic appeal of premium B20 bronze at an attainable price point for drummers of all budgets. Comprising 80% copper and 20% tin, the Western series’ B20 bronze formula is a favorite that boasts a long-proven mastery of articulate responsiveness, rich tone, and even wash. And this stunning sound is available across an enormous range of Western series cymbals, creating a strikingly versatile lineup of beautiful sonics for a wide variety of applications: crashes, rides, hats, splashes, special effects — you name it! This Western Series Crash boasts a medium weight and delivers a forward and explosive crash without losing its professional musicality.


Wuhan Western Series Crash Cymbal Features:

  • Medium weight bridges explosiveness and musical tone
  • Exceptional choice for live applications
  • Iconic B20 bronze construction: 80% copper and 20% tin
  • Articulate response, rich tone, and even sustain
  • Modestly priced to be within the reach of every drummer