Wuhan 18” China Cymbal

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This listing is for a Wuhan 18” China Cymbal that’s in stellar condition.  It works and sounds flawlessly and as it should.  No cracks, additional dents, or keyholing are found on this cymbal. 

An 18" China cymbal from Wuhan is an affordable way to add more dimension to your percussion setup. It follows the age-old tradition of hand-made cymbal manufacturing to produce a sound that's warm, explosive, and trashy. When drummers think about China cymbals, they think about the Wuhan cymbal for the way it cuts through. DrumPickers  percussionists know that Wuhan manufactures high-quality cymbals, gongs, and accessories at very reasonable prices. So when you add this China to your kit, you'll rest easy knowing you got a great deal on a great product.

Wuhan 18" China Cymbal Features:

  • Manufactured in centuries-old traditional way
  • Preferred choice of many drummers
  • Uses B20 alloy
  • Sound is explosive, warm, and “trashy”
  • Medium Thin-Thin 

Add a Wuhan China cymbal to your drum set today.