Yamaha 14x5.5” Maple Custom Absolute Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Yamaha 14x5.5” Maple Custom Absolute Snare Drum that’s in brilliant condition, works flawlessly, while it’s honey amber finish and brass tension rods show that it’s owner is a professional drummer with distinguished taste. 

The sound from this snare is very clean. With out the snare drum wires too tight, this drum had a rich tone that could be used for a professional gig any day! When we tightened the snare drum wires, we found the sound equally satisfying. When tuning this drum we found it easy to get the sound we were looking for. All in all, the Maple Custom sound was very impressive.  The drum has a great warm, and amazingly focused tone, and that’s due in part to it’s “air-seal” system, absolute lugs, and 3mm triple flanged hoops. 


All in all Yamaha has made an outstanding snare drum! For the cost of around $550, you are getting a professional sounding (and looking-notice the brass tension rods) snare drum. Tuning this drum is extremely easy, so you’ll not spend a lot of time doing that. Also, the one click switching on the snare is very fast and effective, and AMAZINGLY SMOOTH.  

If you are looking at upgrading your kit, start with the snare, as it is the most important drum in your kits set-up. For the ABSOLUTE PROFESSIONAL, the Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute snare drum offers amazing sound, style, and affordability!