Yamaha CH755 Medium Boom Cymbal Holder - 12 inch

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This listing is for a Yamaha CH755 Medium 12 inch Boom Cymbal Holder that works perfectly and is without flaw. 

Space is an issue for every drummer. Fortunately, there are products like the Yamaha CH755 to keep your kit tidy. This cymbal boom attaches to a rack or your other Yamaha hardware by clamp*, and offers as much flexibility as you would expect from a full stand. Features include a two-stage height adjuster and 12" hideaway boom with dual tilters. The Yamaha CH755 is great for larger crashes, chinas, and rides that typical boom arms can't support. So if you're looking to pare down your performance footprint, Sweetwater drummers recommend the Yamaha CH755 cymbal boom arm.

 Yamaha CH755 Cymbal Boom Arm Features:

  • Attaches to your drum rack or other stands via clamp*
  • Fits Yamaha double-tom stands and holders natively
  • Supports large crashes, chinas, and rides
  • Two-stage height adjustment accommodates all drummers
  • 12" hideaway boom converts the CH755 to a straight stand
  • Two tilt mechanisms provide the perfect angle of attack
  • Includes 2 deluxe cymbal felts and wing nut