Yamaha CS750 Straight Cymbal Stand - Single Braced

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This listing is for a Yamaha CS750 Straight Cymbal Stand that’s Single Braced, lightweight, and extremely durable. This stand works perfectly and without any flaws. 

 The Yamaha CS 750 straight cymbal stand is medium weighted and single-braced. A vertical tilter allows for easy positioning, while its tube caps help keep it from rattling.

 Yamaha drum hardware is among the most rugged and dependable on the planet. In fact, Yamaha makes their drum hardware at the same place they make their motorcycles.

 Yamaha CS 750 Straight Cymbal Stand Features:

  • Medium weight
  • Single braced
  • Vertical tilter
  • Tube caps to prevent rattling

Yamaha's CS750 straight cymbal stand is ruggedly made and built to last a lifetime.