Yamaha Stage Custom 12x8” all Birch Rack tom in Natural Gloss Finish

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This listing is for a Yamaha Stage Custom 12x8” all Birch Rack Tom in Natural Gloss Finish.  This drum is in perfect shape, and only played a few times. No flaws anywhere on this drum. 

An auxiliary tom for your Yamaha Stage Custom Birch setup.

This Yamaha Stage Custom Birch mounted tom features a staggered diagonal seam shell that has allowed Yamaha to build thin drum shells that start round and stay round. Low-mass lugs lets the shell vibrate for superb tone and sustain. Yamaha's Air Seal System used for drum shell construction ensures every Yamaha drum shell is of uniform thickness and is perfectly round to achieve superior tone quality and durability.

Features a beautiful high-gloss lacquer finish.


  • 100% 6-ply, 6mm birch shell
  • Air Seal System shell
  • Absolute-style lugs low mass lugs
  • 1.6mm steel hoops
  • 12 x 8"