Zildjian A 14” New Beat Hi Hats (Pair)

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This listing is for a pair of Zildjian 14” A New Beat Hi Hat cymbals.  These cymbals are crisp, and penetrating with a quick and powerful response.  No flaws are found anywhere on these cymbals.  No cracks, keyholing, or any other flaws are present. 

The medium-top, heavy-bottom Zildjian A Series 14" New Beat hi-hats deliver the perfect combination of stick and "chick," for all-purpose playing. Cast from Zildjian's secret alloy formula and finished using centuries-old processes, the Zildjian A Series 14" New Beat hi-hats fit in a wide variety of musical genres…

Zildjian A Series 14" New Beat Hi-hat Features:

  • All-purpose combination of stick and "chick"
  • Cast bronze
  • Category: Zildjian A Series
  • Type: Hi-hat
  • Size: 14"
  • Weight: Medium Top/Heavy Bottom
  • Finish: Traditional