Zildjian 15” K Sweet Hi Hats (Pair)

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This listing is for a Zildjian 15” K Sweet Hi Hats (Pair) that’s flawless, and both are in perfect condition.  

K Zildjian Sweet Hi-hats bring centuries-old Zildjian character and charisma to virtually any style of music — from rock to symphonic. These hats are oversized and extra dark. A thin top delivers a smooth, musical wash, while a heavy bottom adds projection and solid foot pump into the mix. Zildjian's guarded B20 bronze recipe, paired with traditional hammering techniques, gives these cymbals unmatched dynamics and musical complexity. Discover a new side of the Zildjian K Series with the 15-inch K Sweet Hi-hats from DrumPickers…

 K Zildjian 15-inch Sweet Hi-hats Features:

  • Light top delivers a smooth, musical wash
  • Heavy bottom adds projection and a solid foot pump
  • Unlathed bells are complex and penetrating
  • Traditional K series hammering enhances darkness and musicality
  • Crafted from Zildjian's centuries-old B20 bronze recipe
  • Made in the USA