Zildjian 16” A Custom Crash Cymbal

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This listing is for a Zildjian 16” Custom A Crash Cymbal that’s in excellent condition with out any flaws (aside from a label that’s been essentially cleaned off).  No cracks, keyholing, or any other blemishes can be found on this cymbal.

The Zildjian A Custom 16" crash cymbal is the perfect choice when you need a crash that has a natural sound that's not too high and not too low. This cymbal features beautiful warm overtones and speaks very quickly. The A Custom 16" crash cymbal is a thin cymbal finished in a brilliant finish to add a classic look to your kit along with premium sound. Zildjian is a premium cymbal brand with a history running back over 380 years. Add the legacy of Zildjian to your kit with our A Custom 16" crash.

Zildjian A Custom 16" Crash Cymbal at a Glance:

  • A refined version of the classic Zildjian sound
  • Cast bronze cymbals for premium tone and projection
  • Zildjian A Custom 16" Crash Cymbal Features:
    • Cast bronze crash cymbal
    • Natural, full-bodied overall sound
    • Bright, not too high, not too low
    • Radical rotary hammering technique
    • Category: A Custom Series
    • Type: Crash cymbal
    • Size: 16"
    • Weight: Thin
    • Finish: Brilliant