Zildjian 22” Deep Ride Cymbal

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This listing is for a Zildjian 22” Deep Ride Cymbal that’s in very good to excellent condition and without any cracks or keyholing.

“Deep Ride? I’ve never heard of that cymbal!”  you might say. Well, back when Zildjian was doing more than simply cranking out 20″ Ping Rides, they took risks and created some great sounding cymbals such as this model which shares the weight and bell profile of the 22″ Ping Ride but has a flatter taper which produces a darker, “deeper” sound and what surprised us most, is how smooth the sound of this cymbal creates along with a bit of dry click.  This cymbal was the predecessor to the out of production K series HEAVY RIDE cymbal but with the machine hammering.

This RIDE CYMBAL is from the BLOCK LETTER ERA, weighing in at 3357 grams.   As previously stated, this cymbal is a real pleasant surprise as it possesses a nice click (as opposed to ping) and a lovely shimmer to its sustain! 

This cymbal is absolutely one of the best sounding ride cymbals that we have up for sale!

And this band driving monster is in GREAT CONDITION, still possessing the BLOCK LETTER model designation from the time period of 1980-1994, which along with all of the logos, are still prominently displayed.  And this also means that this cymbal is a pre-serial number Zildjian.  

No wimpy 20”Ping or Medium Ride with its tiny little bell, here!  This cymbal has a slight patina which has befriended it down through the few decades, having signs of use such as stick marks, fingerprints, and signs of handling.  But we’re pleased to report that this cymbal has no cracks, chips or keyholing; it’s ready to become the statement maker in your arsenal! 

This model of cymbal was endorsed by the likes of Peter Erskine (Weather Report), jazz great Jeff Hamilton, as well as jazz legend Ed Soph, the late Ron Tutt ( Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond), Horacee Arnold, Casey Scheuerell (Jean Luc Ponty) , Jim Rupp (Glen Miller Orchestra), Steve Houghton and Bobby Christian; some real drumming heavyweights.

These top drummers chose this model to drive their respective bands and careers to the very top of the music food chain and it’s ideal for driving your band! 

Just for comparison, let’s look at what brand new 22″ Zildjian Rides are costing:   

22″ A series Medium Ride – $329.95

22″ K Custom Dark Ride – $404.95

22″K Custom Medium Ride – $404.95

22″ K Custom High Definition Ride – $479.95

22″ K Constantinoples – $624.95

Yes, you could go out and buy any of the above listed cymbals; there’s no doubt that any of them would be a high quality, precision made musical instrument.  But why would you when you can grab that vintage sound right here for far less cash!