Zildjian A 14” Quick Beat High Hat Cymbals

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This listing is for a set of Zildjian A 14” Quick Beat High Hat Cymbals that are in very good condition and play perfectly.  The patina has distorted the labels a bit, but the cymbals play like they’re new. 

 Finally, you can dial in those tight and responsive hi-hat “chick” effects with the A Quick Beats series of hi-hat cymbals from Zildjian. Designed specifically for clean, crisp, and, speedy playability, drummers have found that these cymbals deliver 8th, 16th, and 32nd notes with effortless clarity. Zildjian’s secret? It lies within a flat-profile lower cymbal engineered with four laser-cut holes, accelerating the release of air between cymbals to provide much shorter and more pronounced sound. That’s welcome news for not just your chops, but for precise and consistent stomp tempos as well. But brevity in sustain shouldn’t mean a suffering in presence: with their heavily weighted construction, the A Quick Beats have absolutely zero issue cutting through your mix. This makes them perfect for numerous musical applications, from the unrivaled definition of hip-hop to the intricacies of jazz. Outfit your kit with a pair of ultra-responsive, low-sustain hi-hat cymbals that really mean business — grab this pair of Zildjian A Quick Beats!

 Zildjian A Quick Beats Hi-hat Cymbals Features:

  • Clear and speedy playability that delivers that elusive “chick” sound you’re looking for
  • Flat profile lower cymbal with four laser-cut holes prioritizes air release
  • Short and pronounced sound is fitting for many genres, from hip-hop to jazz
  • Just as valuable for battering as for keeping a precise stomp tempo
  • Heavy design makes its rhythm a focal point in your mix