Zildjian A 16” Medium Crash Cymbal

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This listing is for a Zildjian A 16” Medium Crash Cymbal that’s in excellent playing condition.  No cracks, keyholing, or flaws in its construction are found anywhere.

Zildjian 16" A Medium Crash Cymbal Features at a Glance:
  • Versatile crash for live, rehearsal, or studio applications
  • Bright, higher-pitched, and full-bodied sound
  • Cast-bronze construction
  • Brilliant finish
Juice your kit with the Zildjian 16" A Medium Crash!

Tech Specs

  • Type:Crash
  • Size:16"
  • Weight:Medium
  • Material:B20, Cast Bronze
  • Finish:Traditional
  • Sound:Medium/Bright
  • Pitch:Medium/High
  • Balance:Cut
  • Bell Size:Small
  • Volume:Project
  • Sustain:Long
  • Explosive 16" Medium Crash
  • The Zildjian 16" A Medium Crash crash cymbal gives you a higher-pitched, full-bodied sound that's great for a variety of musical situations, courtesy of its cast-bronze construction. From Steve Gadd and Dennis Chambers, to Dave Grohl and Lars Ulrich, top drummers rely on the Zildjian secret alloy formula that has been passed down from generation to generation for almost 400 years.