Zildjian A 16” Thin Crash Cymbal

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This listing is for a Zildjian A 16” Thin Crash Cymbal that’s in EXCELLENT condition and without any flaws.

This cymbal is Fast, bright, and responsive.  A Zildjian Thin Crashes are crafted with a lively concentric lathing that retains a mid to high tonality. Their medium-sized bell creates an even balance between attack and sustain. These crashes are lightweight with a thin bow for the utmost in response and wash.  What’s more, they’re more durable than heavier weighted cymbals, as they bend, and bounce back so much more effectively than thicker, heavier cymbals.  

Features & details

  • Fast, bright and responsive
  • Lively, concentric lathing that retains mid to high tonality
  • Even balance between attack and sustain
  • Light weight with thin bow for utmost in response and wash
  • Medium-sized bell
  • Extremely durable