Zildjian A (1960’s-70’s) Small Stamp Ride Cymbal

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This listing is for a Zildjian A (1960’s-70’s) Small Stamp Ride Cymbal that’s in outstanding condition and with no flaws.  It’s weight is 3470gms.

The Zildjian A 22" Small Stamp ride cymbal is the perfect cymbal when you need a ride with good stick definition and a good deal of colorful, warm tones. It's a medium ride cymbal with a dazzling brilliant finish, that’s been so well cared for, that it’s retained that same brilliance for 50 + years! 

Zildjian A Small Stamp 22" Ride Cymbal Features:

  • An excellent, versatile ride cymbal for a wide range of styles
  • Warm and vibrant overtones mesh well in a broad range of music
  • Medium weight balances sustain and volume excellently
  • Great stick definition from the rim to the bell
  • Perfect for drummers of all styles and skill levels
  • Cymbal featured in video is virtually identical to the cymbal in this listing, but is not the actual cymbal in the video.