Zildjian A 20” Crash/Ride Cymbal

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This listing is for a Zildjian A 20” Crash/Ride Cymbal that’s in absolutely stellar condition and without any flaws.

Excellent ride definition, and superb crash qualities.

Zildjian's classic sound is embodied by A Zildjian and immortalized in countless recordings by the greatest drummers of all time. Known for their versatility, these bright cymbals range from paper thin and delicate to extra heavy and cutting. Recent adjustments were made to the curvature and weights of many current models to capture the sweet spot of the classic A sound, producing crashes, rides, and hats that reflect today's musical styles.

  • Traditional Finish
  • Low to Mid Pitch
  • Mid Sound
  • Long Sustain
  • Loud Volume
  • Medium Thin Weight
  • Skill Levels: Advanced, Intermediate, and Professional