Zildjian A 20” Ping Ride Cymbal

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This listing is for a Zildjian A 20” Ping Ride Cymbal that’s in excellent condition and is only short of the ink logos.  The cymbal plays beautifully and has no issues, cracks, or keyholing to it. 

Take a spin on the Zildjian A 20" Ping Ride, and you’ll soon discover why it’s one of Zildjian’s most popular cymbals to date. The A Ping Ride exhibits a tight, cutting, slightly aged, smoky tone with plenty of output to propel your timekeeping straight to the front of a band. Moving toward the edge, the Ping Ride blooms into a powerful wash to punch up chorus sections and punctuate fills. The Ping Ride’s bell remains clean and focused to balance out hybrid patterns, while its medium-heavy profile — artisan-crafted from Zildjian’s centuries-old B20 bronze recipe — gives it durability to survive the perils of the road. For modern jazz to Nashville pop, drummers in all musical sectors are discovering their ideal ride sound in the Zildjian A 20" Ping Ride Cymbal.

Zildjian A 20" Ping Ride Cymbal Features:

  • One of Zildjian’s best-selling ride models
  • Great for patterns and timekeeping
  • Tight stick definition
  • Aged, cutting tone
  • Blistering wash
  • Clean, focused bell
  • Artisan-crafted from musical, medium-heavy B20 bronze